Organizational Development

We show leaders how to create positive work environments and empower employees to positively impact their wellbeing and the organization’s bottom line. 

New Manger Leadership Training

We provide educational opportunities and 1:1 coaching for new managers who want to learn science-based strategies for supporting their employees’ wellbeing and performance.

Strengths-Based Team-Building

Team-building begins with strong team members, so our approach begins by empowering individuals with strategies and self-awareness, and then brings team members together in engaging break-out sessions that promote collaboration and a shared sense of purpose.

Organizational Assessment and Management Consultation

We lead the field in designing ethical, effective, science-based workplace practices that enhance employee wellbeing and support business outcomes.

Strategic Marketing

We identify data-informed opportunities and develop science-based communications that drive stakeholder engagement.

Market Research

We can design and execute stakeholder surveys to uncover market opportunity and other insights.

Stakeholder Engagement

Delivering compelling communications in timely, efficient ways can convince donors, customers, and clients of your mission’s urgency and worth. We can help you to better engage your target audience(s) in the desired action, and foster a sense of community and purpose along the way.

Next Steps…

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Support Your Employees’ Wellbeing and Growth

Organizations that support employees’ wellbeing see greater productivity, loyalty, and corporate citizenship behavior.

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Sample Client Work & Testimonials

Program Development: Developed science-based curriculum modules on emotional literacy and stress management for middle school youth.

Jenny is a consummate professional. She understands the science behind positive psychology and can explain it in a way that is easily understandable. We worked together on a project to support youth impacted by incarceration, and she devised activities for teens to understand and regulate their emotions that were research-based, engaging, and empowering. I highly recommend Jenny Brennan.– Pamela Brunskill, Educational Resources Developer

Program Development & Communications: Established a program that connects researchers, practitioners, and students in efforts to learn, collaborate, and apply positive psychology in business, education, clinical work, and healthcare. Increased membership and member engagement.

I have worked with Jenny for 8 years in her various roles with the International Positive Psychology Association. Jenny is a strategic thinker and is able to mobilize groups of people from across the globe towards the Association’s goals. Jenny has a gift in being able to translate the science of positive psychology into action while taking into account context, ethics, and climate. She is a strong communicator and coach who brings much knowledge to organizations, programming, and HR training. – Lea Waters, Ph.D., Past-President, International Positive Psychology Association

Technical Interviewing & Program Marketing: Produced 45 educational webinars where leading experts.

I worked with Jenny when I hosted and she produced the Positive Psychology Leaders Series, an educational program I founded. When Jenny joined our program as the producer, she helped raise our expectations of what was possible for all of us in our own individual roles and as a team. Due to her unique combination of intellectual firepower, inspired leadership, hard work, perseverance, and creativity, she strengthened our program by nearly every measure. – David J. Pollay, MAPP, Executive Coach & Founding Host of the Positive Psychology Leader Series

Communication: Managed stakeholder communication, program marketing, and public relations for the Weiss Tech House.

Jenny’s PR and marketing knowledge helped launch the WeissTech House into the public eye. Her creativity, out-of-the-box ideas, and implementation caught the eye of students, alumni, and business mentors.  – Anne Stamer, Director, Weiss Tech House, University of Pennsylvania