Our webinars teach participants science-based skills to reduce stress, build resilience, and be better team players.

Did you know?

Organizations that support employees’ wellbeing see greater productivity and loyalty.

Ardent Wellbeing training is:

  • Developed by an internationally-recognized expert in applied positive psychology
  • Based on two decades of experience in nonprofits, advocacy, and higher education
  • Designed to teach practical skills that drive business outcomes

Featured Program:

FlexClub: Work Well Remotely. Learn skills for increasing engagement, communicating effectively, connecting with others while physically distanced, and develop habits for recovery.

  • Harness Your Strengths for Greater Engagement and Focus
  • Develop Habits to “Unplug” and Recover
  • Foster Stronger Relationships to Feel Connected Despite Physical Distancing
  • Foster Healthy Motivation

FlexClub for Managers. Learn effective strategies for leading virtual teams that support employee wellbeing, motivation, and productivity.

  • Foster Healthy Motivation and Resilience in Your Direct Reports
  • Virtual Team-Building Exercises
  • Strategies for Effective Communication
  • Develop a Positive Stress Mindset

Delivery Options:

Schedule a Live Webinar for Your Team

  • 45-minute webinars with easily-digestible science-based knowledge, practical tools, and activities
  • Free downloadable practice journal for each participant
  • 15-minute one-on-one virtual Q&A with Master Practitioner

Access Pre-Recorded Webinars

  • Options for 15-minute and 45-minute modules
  • Free downloadable practice journal for each participant

Customize Training for your LMS

  • Consult with a Master Practitioner to develop content that meets your specific needs

Wellbeing Training Topics:

  • How to Manage Virtual Teams (included with Manager Package)
  • Communicate to Connect While Physically Distanced
  • Learn to Successfully “Unplug” and Recover
  • Achieve Greater Focus and Engagement By Using Your Strengths
  • Build Your Confidence for Rising to the Challenge
  • Cultivate a Positive Stress Mindset
  • Challenge Your Cognitive Biases
  • Foundational Skills for Wellbeing
  • Mindful Self-Compassion Meditation
  • Physical Fitness for Confined Spaces