Our webinars teach participants science-based skills to reduce stress, build resilience, and be better team players.

Did you know?

Organizations that support employees’ wellbeing see greater productivity and loyalty.

Ardent Wellbeing training is:

  • Developed by an internationally-recognized expert in applied positive psychology
  • Based on two decades of experience in nonprofits, advocacy, and higher education
  • Designed to teach practical skills that drive business outcomes

Wellbeing Training Topics:

  • Managing Virtual Teams: Streamlining internal communication and supporting employee well-being
  • Work Well From Anywhere: Skills to managing your energy, focus, and learn to “unplug” and recover
  • The Hidden SkillSet: Harnessing your strengths to achieve greater focus, engagement, and creativity
  • How to Rise to Any Occassion: Increase your efficacy and cultivate a positive stress mindset
  • The Helpful Brain: Learn to identify cognitive biases and create helpful neuropathways
  • Foundational Skills for Wellbeing at Work: Growth mindset, relationship building, engagement, meaning, and vitality
  • Mindful Self-Compassion Meditation Practice
  • COMING SOON: Team-Building Bootcamp: Successful team-building begins with the individuals that comprise the team. This program helps team members cultivate their strengths, as well as build collaborative and executive functioning skills to use in service to their goals, colleagues, organization, and patients/clients/customers.

Delivery Options:

Schedule a Live Webinar for Your Team

  • 45-minute webinars with easily-digestible science-based knowledge, practical tools, and activities
  • Free downloadable practice journal for each participant
  • 15-minute one-on-one virtual Q&A with Master Practitioner

Access Pre-Recorded Webinars

  • Options for 15-minute and 45-minute modules
  • Free downloadable practice journal for each participant

Customize Training for your LMS

  • Consult with a Master Practitioner to develop content that meets your specific needs

Featured Program:

FlexClub: Work Well Remotely. Learn skills for increasing engagement, communicating effectively, connecting with others while physically distanced, and develop habits for recovery.

  • Harness Your Strengths for Greater Engagement and Focus
  • Develop Habits to “Unplug” and Recover
  • Foster Stronger Relationships to Feel Connected Despite Physical Distancing
  • Foster Healthy Motivation

FlexClub for Managers. Learn effective strategies for leading virtual teams that support employee wellbeing, motivation, and productivity.

  • Foster Healthy Motivation and Resilience in Your Direct Reports
  • Virtual Team-Building Exercises
  • Strategies for Effective Communication
  • Develop a Positive Stress Mindset