Our mission is to increase the effectiveness of social impact efforts and the wellbeing of the people who lead them.

We do this by applying insights from positive psychology and organizational behavior to communications, management, and professional development training.

We consult with forward-thinking organizations that want to create positive change and offer courses for individuals who want to harness the science of wellbeing to power their social impact work.

Now is a challenging time. We can help you thrive.

Boost your well-being and navigate this time with calm, purposeful action.

Is the election stressing you out? You are not alone. According to the American Psychological Association, 68% of eligible voters feel the same. What if you had tools to tap into your strengths, build your personal wellbeing resources, and turn your angst into calm, purposeful action? Election Zen is a concise, nonpartisan educational program designed to help you support your well-being before and after a major election.

The self-paced program contains video modules that cover different topics from the field of positive psychology, which you can watch at your convenience. You also get a downloadable workbook that helps you practice the exercises and capture your learning!

Communication Solutions to Engage Your Stakeholders

Stakeholder engagement is crucial for your organization’s financial health and mission delivery. Especially during times of physical distancing, you need to deliver compelling messages to maintain relevance and support.

We can help you develop and execute a communication strategy, advocacy, or membership marketing campaign that will better engage your target audience(s) in the desired action and foster a sense of community and purpose.

Training for Managers & Employees

Right now, employees are stressed and overwhelmed. Managers may struggle to lead virtual teams.

Our customizable FlexClub Program and Workforce Wellbeing Training modules help leaders create positive work environments and teach employees science-based strategies to develop resilience, foster cooperation, and optimize performance.

Organizations that support employee wellbeing see higher productivity, loyalty, and innovation.

We apply the science of wellbeing to the things that matter most.

Select Client Work:

Program Development & Membership Marketing
Established a program that now connects thousands of researchers, practitioners, and students in efforts to learn, collaborate, and apply positive psychology in business, education, clinical work, and healthcare settings.

Public Education & Cause Marketing Campaigns
Led multiple national communication and social marketing campaigns, including “Be Red Cross Ready,” that engaged target audiences in specific preparedness actions and drove sales of health & safety training.

Curriculum Development:
Developed two science-based curriculum modules for an after-school program for middle school youth. The modules included a facilitators’ guide and activities to help students develop emotional literacy and stress management skills.

Get your wellbeing on!
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