We help nonprofit leaders support employee wellbeing and drive stakeholder engagement.

We do this by applying insights from the science of positive psychology, management science, and organizational behavior to:

  1. Employee Learning and Development Training:
    • Leadership development training for high potentials
    • Management training for leaders of remote or hybrid teams
    • Strengths-based team-building workshops
  2. Self-paced online courses to help people cultivate psychological capital
  3. Values-driven internal communication and marketing strategy to increase stakeholder engagement, and sense of purpose and belonging.

We apply the science of wellbeing to the things that matter most.

Spotlight on: Training for Managers & Employees

Our customized FlexClub Program and Workforce Wellbeing Training helps leaders of remote, hybrid, and in-person teams create positive work environments. We help managers learn and become able to teach their own employees science-based strategies to develop resilience, build strong working relationships, and optimize performance.

Per the research, organizations that support their employees’ wellbeing see higher productivity, loyalty, and innovation.

Select Client Work:

Program Development & Membership Marketing
Established a program that now connects thousands of researchers, practitioners, and students in efforts to learn, collaborate, and apply positive psychology in business, education, clinical work, and healthcare settings.

Public Education & Cause Marketing Campaigns
Led multiple national communication and social marketing campaigns, including “Be Red Cross Ready,” that engaged target audiences in specific preparedness actions and drove sales of health & safety training.

Curriculum Development:
Developed two science-based curriculum modules for an after-school program for middle school youth. The modules included a facilitators’ guide and activities to help students develop emotional literacy and stress management skills.

Get your wellbeing on!
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