Work with greater energy, focus, and motivation.

Our short, online programs help managers and team members experience healthier motivation, improved relationships, and greater resilience.

The FlexClub program empowers leaders to create positive work environments and teach employees science-based strategies that positively impact their wellbeing and your organization’s bottom line.  The programs are built to reduce stress, and foster engagement, cooperation, learning, efficiency, performance, and loyalty among employees, translating to greater innovation and productivity for your organization. 

Learn to manage hybrid teams.

On-demand course access or live training

Learn science-based strategies to support your team’s wellbeing (and your own!) during periods of prolonged stress. Learn management practices that enhance employee wellbeing, engagement, and cooperation, even in a remote or hybrid work settings.

Team-Building Bootcamp

Coming soon! Spring 2022

Successful team-building begins with the individuals that comprise the team. This program helps team members cultivate their strengths, as well as build collaborative and executive functioning skills to use in service to their goals, colleagues, organization, and patients/clients/customers.

Write for Wellbeing

This writing journal offers 120 blank pages and 40, science-based writing prompts. The prompts are designed to help you generate greater, hope, gratitude, self-compassion, and positive emotions.

This journal is the perfect gift and compliment for your yoga or meditation practice!

Appropriate for ages 12+

$8.99 on Amazon.