Ardent Wellbeing Founder Honored at the International Positive Psychology Association World Congress

July 2021, United States of America.

The International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA) honored Ardent Wellbeing Founder, Jenny Brennan, MAPP with its prestigious Raymond D. Fowler Service Award at its 7th World Congress on Positive Psychology in July. The award goes to an IPPA member who has “gone above and beyond to give his or her time in the service of advancing the field of positive psychology.”

Ms. Brennan has “done so much for IPPA and (her) tireless service and valuable expertise have helped to build the strength of our association,” said Dr. Lea Waters, Outgoing Board President. Specifically, the award highlighted Ms. Brennan’s role in establishing the professional divisions and other educational programming for researchers, academics, and practitioners to advance the science and its application in business, education, healthcare, and therapy.

More information can be found at IPPA and World Congress on Positive Psychology.

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